Another year, another month of Birthday parties!

Once again, another March filled with Birthday parties for myself! Have egotistic for me to celebrate myself so much. Actually, what a great excuse to get all of my amazing friends and family to come together for some awesome times. I still am so honored to be surrounded by some of the best djs, musicians, artists alive! This year I wanted a personal setting in Hollywood before raging the rest of the week and it was awesome! Special thank you Heather Wolsic [ @mswolsic ] for helping plan my bday and help execute my diva demands. Also thanks to @KeysNKrates for making a one day turnaround trip from Toronto to play at my bday! Thanks Mr Choc [ @mrchocfan4 ] and DJ E-Man [ @djeman ] for inspiring me to dj as a kid and then djing my 31st bday! Such an honor! Thank you all for caring that I’m alive and that I care so much about music! See you next year! (I’m already planning)