Reflex Birthday Week 2012.

Another year, another month of Birthday parties!

Once again, another March filled with Birthday parties for myself! Have egotistic for me to celebrate myself so much. Actually, what a great excuse to get all of my amazing friends and family to come together for some awesome times. I still am so honored to be surrounded by some of the best djs, musicians, artists alive! This year I wanted a personal setting in Hollywood before raging the rest of the week and it was awesome! Special thank you Heather Wolsic [ @mswolsic ] for helping plan my bday and help execute my diva demands. Also thanks to…

Example x Reflex

I was approached to do a remix for an artist named @Example from the UK. I wasn’t familiar with all of his work, but I did know he has a massive following. After learning more about him I was more than happy to oblige. Watch as we discuss his growth as an artist, his hip hop influence, and ultimate goals of his new record.

Cassie visits Reflex

My friend Cassie [ @OfficialCas ] was in LA and stopped by for a surprise which really made my day. I’ve known her for years and she always has such positive energy. Watch as we hang out, talk about her new single “King Of Hearts”, as well as what she’s been up to.

Kid Ink visits The Takeover

Every where I go in LA whether it’s shopping on Fairfax, inside a record shop in Burbank or even talking with my little cousin there is one name that keeps coming up, Kid Ink! I’m a fan of his hustle and focus on making good music very consistently. I asked him to come by my weekly hip hop show The Takeover on Power 106 LA to play some records and we premiered his new single “Time Of Your Life”.

Shout out to DJ Ill Will and Kid Ink and the rest of The Alumni crew for taking over LA with me.


It’s Fergie Ferg!

Anytime an interview starts with Fergie singing Duran Duran’s “The Reflex” to me I know it’s going to be a lot of fun. Outside of her constantly checking me out (watch her eyes people) we had a great chat. Here I interview Fergie for Dick Clarks New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2012!


I’ve known Will for 10+ years and he is a pretty amazing person. He has a lot going on outside of music and he is working on some awesome achievements for the world. He is a pretty genius! I sat down with Will.I.AM. for Dick Clarks New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2012!

Me And My Bitches

My friends at asked me to be the first person in their DJ/dog installment of “Me and My Bitch”.

Everyone that knows me well understands how much I love animals so I was happy to oblige. Meet my pups Lola and Tumbles aka DJ Tumbles AKA The Regal Beagles for those of you that follow me closely.

Reflex Interviews Common for Premiere of “Blue Sky”

How lucky am I to have become friends with one of my musical idols? I guess life surprises you with the most amazing people at times. That said, I just sat down with the always inspirational @Common. He has an amazing book out, feature films, billboards across the city, TV series on the way, his “Common Ground” foundation, and of course a new album “The Dreamer, The Believer” available 11/22/11. Besides all that he is the nicest guy you can meet and one of the most prolific thinkers of our time. He stopped by to catch me up to speed on all of his amazing new…

Reflex & Kreayshawn perform “Gucci Gucci”

What do you say about an artist that makes a song and a video that gets millions of views with no promotion or label? Well I don’t know myself but maybe Kreayshawn can tell you. She created an awkwardly awesome anthem “Gucci Gucci” for the ladies that have figured out having the flyest brands on you may not be so fly when everybody does it. She’s witty, unique and pretty hilarious. Thanks Kreayshawn for performing for only the second time EVER with me at the club.

Reflex & Big Sean Performance

I first met Big Sean while sitting in with Kanye during the making of “808′s and Heartbreaks”. I immediately saw the way Sean lit up the room with ideas and amazing creative raps. I’m very excited for his release of his debut album “Finally Famous” available now. It was nice for him to take time out of his crazy schedule to perform a few songs with me in the club. It’s GOOD Music!

DJ Reflex & Keri Hilson Performance

I love me some Keri Hilson! I met Keri in a studio almost 6 years ago while working on a random R&B project. She had already written a few hits and had just signed to Timbaland and Polow. She’s certainly grown into her own and I really respect her artistry and hard work ethic. Thanks Keri for supporting the Unrivaled DJs and rocking with myself and DJ E-Man.

Super Sweet 30 Movie

About 5 days before my 30th Birthday party my good friend Nicolle Yaron suggested to me that I should shoot a “My Super Sweet 16″ parody to play at the party. With help from my friends Rob Zangardi, Mariel Haenn, Affion Crockett, Tristan Wilds (his scene got cut, sorry Tristan), Ben Baller, video editing and graphics by Erik Reinert, creative ideas from Mason Steinberg and Gabe Uhr (wish we could’ve had time to shoot some of your ideas, so funny) … oh and cameos by Felli Fel, Johnny Barba, Vick One (sickkkesttt) and Vinnie Pagan ….. we came up with this piece of work!

Super Sweet 30 Teaser

I am so thankful. Thankful for my life and my health. Thankful for my family and friends that make life worth living.

Last night before my set at The Palms in Las Vegas I took a minute to think about my 30th birthday. But when I try to think about what I’ve accomplished, what I have yet to accomplish, I think mostly about the people that have been around for the ride. I think about the people that paved a path for me to flourish in. I have to say that I have a lot of awesome people in my life. I have thought to myself,…